I want to send my design, what file types do you accept?
Can you design my product for me, I’ve never been good at that kind of thing?
How do I fit a PVC banner, is it hard to do?
So let’s say I place an order with Newstyle Print, when will I receive my products?
If I have a design done by the Newstyle Print team, can I see of proof?
I love your prices! But how can you remain in business and be so competitive?
How can I pay for my product?
So I’ve just purchased a PVC banner, how long will it last?
I need my banner to have pole pockets, can you do that?
10. I live in the sticks, can you deliver to my location?
I have a lot of products I need to order in one go, can I have a discount?
I need a really big PVC banner, can you help?
Whoops! I ordered a banner by mistake, can I cancel my order?
I received my order and noticed a spelling error! Can I get a reprint?
Will you come and put my PVC banner up for me?
I need a PVC banner printed on both sides, is that possible?