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Feather flags are easily one of the most versatile of outdoor marketing tools. Unlike static PVC banners, feather flags can be set up almost anywhere, are easy to assemble and are ultra-portable.

Traditionally used to promote events and trade shows, feather flag printing has evolved in recent years, into something of a more generic, statement making marketing tool. Many big brands and businesses after all, aren’t using feather flags just to promote special events. Instead, increasing amounts of businesses are using feather flags simply to exemplify their presence to their potential customer base.

Key Benefits of Feather Flag Printing

As easy to transport and set up as indoor roller banners, feather flags are just as effective as large scale mesh banners, but are simple to store when not in use and are much more versatile.

In the context of trade shows and exhibitions, you’re likely going to struggle to find a suitable place to set up a large banner. Likewise, regardless of where your business is based, you might not want to display large PVC banners year round. Feather flags are in this case an ideal intermediary between outdoor banners and indoor promotional materials such as large posters. Simply set them up and within seconds you’ve exponentially increased your business visibility.

Suitable for all kinds of Businesses

Are you worried that investing in feather flag printing for your business might not really fit with your particular business services? The truth is that feather flags are suitable for everyone from fast food franchises, to hotels and tech-industry related businesses. What you’re doing with a feather flag, is celebrating your branding and using it to create as big a visual impact as possible.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. At Power Banners we’ve got all your feather flag printing bases covered. Even better, we offer free UK delivery of all our marketing materials. In this case, simply call or contact us today to see how we can help you with your next business promotion.