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Just like PVC banners, mesh banners can be used for either indoor or outdoor marketing purposes. However, unlike standard PVC banners, mesh banners are permeable making them ideal for outdoor placement in particularly windy areas.

Of course, for indoor events and promotions, roller banners and large posters are more commonly used for marketing purposes. However, particularly large spaces often demand much bigger marketing centerpieces. At the same time, mesh banners themselves are both air and light permeable. In this case, businesses with large amounts of otherwise unused window space can invest in mesh banner printing in order to visually promote their business right from their own offices.

Key Benefits of Mesh Banner Printing

Mesh banner printing is a highly visual way to communicate your business message. Ideal for long term promotions, as well as both indoor and outdoor use, mesh banners are durable and impact making wherever they happen to be displayed. Moreover, what a lot of people don’t realise, is that a mesh banner can be printed on both sides. In this case, businesses which do plan on investing in mesh banner printing for window display purposes have the option of having their branding and promotional designs displayed in two different customer focusing directions.

A Variety of Practical Advertising Uses

Of course, mesh banners aren’t as portable or as easy to set up as feather flags or roller banners. However, for use for outdoor display purposes, mesh banners do offer certain benefits in terms of versatility. Because they are permeable, banners can be used as part of roof based advertising campaigns as well as for prolonged display at sporting events and other kinds of outdoor venues.

Don’t know where to start with putting together your first mesh banner promotion? Don’t worry. At Newstyle Print we’ve got all your printing bases covered. Even better, we offer free UK delivery of all our marketing materials. In this case, simply call or contact us today to see how we can help you with your next promotion.