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Size Your PVC Banner Correctly

When it comes to the design of your PVC banner, don’t worry too much about the size. Our taleneted design team can make the adjustments for you. Anything from a ¼, ½ of the actual size is acceptable. The smaller file size can make it easier for you to send to us, especially when using photographs of images.

Ideally, if you can please send a high resolution PDF to size. We recommend WETransfer to send large files. You can send to

Keep Your PVC Banner Simple

Most PVC banners are read from a distance and so try to keep that in mind when you’re designing. Bold and bright wins the race. Try and use contrasting colours. Keep the message, short, clear and concise.

Use High Quality Images

Make sure your images are as high quality as possible. Using a low quality image will make the finished print pixelated and will, in short, look a bit naff!

PVC Banners & CMYK

What is CMYK? CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) try and use these colours to reach your own desired colours. Generally if you’re designing a PVC banner or roller banner, try to avoid using RGB as it can be brighter than some colours created in CMYK. If you have any questions regarding this people call or email us on

Roller Banners – Your Banner Height

If you’re designing a roller banner, then please keep in mind that your design will begin a few inches from the ground. Please ensure that your banner message sits around the eye height, and it’s a good idea to have the images/colours below this. Roller banners generally need about 200mm from the base to allow for the run of PVC that sits with the roller.

How To Place Text

On a PVC banner there will eyelets around the edge, these are normally spaced 500mm apart. So keep that in mind when you’re designing and avoid putting anything crucial in those areas. Try and also keep text away from the edge of the banner, this never looks good being too close to the hem.

Getting Your PVC Banner To Stand Out From The Crowd.

The Great British weather is a real factor with PVC banner printing in the UK. Use contrasting colours, for instance never put a yellow text on a while background area.

Feather Flag Design – No Frills!

When it comes to feather flag design, avoid adding too much information to the flag. The flag is designed to move in the wind and a long message will be hard to read when moving. Try and keep it nice and simple, bold and contrasting.

How To Tie Up Your Banner

Cable ties are the obvious choice when securing your PVC banner. They mainly come in white and black, so be sure to choose one that compliments your design. Snip of any excess cable after securing to minimise the cables visual impact.