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The Advantages Of PVC Banners No ratings yet.


When you think of advertising and/or marketing PVC banners probably don’t strike you as being the most exciting thing in the work. PVC banners don’t generally have a mass audience like TV for example, nor do they have the listeners of radio or the click of online.

But none of that matters.

PVC banners have their own set of advantages, and these advantage make them one of the most desired and widely used marketing methods in the UK. They may not be super exciting, but they are effective!

Read on to find out more about the advantages for using a PVC banner for your marketing needs.

Flexible where it counts!

For a very long time, it was traditional to use paper or cloth material to create banners and promote a message. However, these material came with a few restraints!

Textile material is well known as being a nightmare to print on with any real clarity. Paper can be easily ripped or torn, and obviously rain is a factor with both methods.  A good downpour could spoil a lot of hard work.

So the print industry needed something more long lasting and durable. It needed a material that could be flexible and also stand up to bad weather.  It would also need to be hung easily and stand up to wind and rain. The PVC banner was born!

What does PVC stand for? Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC can be applied across a material such as polyester to form a coating or laminate. This produces a professional glossy finish and strengthens the material underneath.

PVC makes it the perfect solution for a adverting banner, and results in several key benefits.-

PVC Banners are can be used in so many ways!

PVC banners can be used to promote limited deals and offers at major supermarkets, car boot sales, charity fundraising events, town fairs and more.

At this point, I’m only talking about the horizontal and rectangular banners. Of course the possibilities for PVC banner stretch much further that this.

PVC banners are also commonly used as flags. These flags can be hung from your building of office block, or even launched on a scale that transforms your entire business premises into a gargantuan advertisement.

PVC Banners are Durable and Weather Proof

The most common place you’ll find PVC banners is outdoors, which means the biggest risk to their lifecycle is the Great British weather!

In general PVC banners are extremely good at protecting against the effects of rain, and given their 440gsm strength, are less likely to tear around the eyelets that a paper banner would.

There are actually two types of PVC banner available to protect against specific weather conditions, these include:

PVC Vinyl (440gsm PVC BANNER) which is our standard solid banner. This holds up to all types of weather conditions including reasonable strength winds. But in windier conditions you may want to consider a  PVC mesh banner. Mesh banners have thousands of holes in them to allow free flow of air. In almost any climate, our PVC banners and mesh banners continue to look fab! –

PVC Banners Always Offer High Impact Advertising

This far we have explored how PVC banners can be used almost anywhere in the UK, including outdoors in harsh weather conditions. But what is the point in having all your power banner if it doesn’t do what is supposed to do- attract interest, inform prospects and convert that attention into sales for your business.

PVC Banner advertising is perhaps the most tried and tested form of advertising in the world to date. They don’t just do their job – they get extraordinary results every time.

If you’ve displayed your PVC banner outside your office, or feature it at the location of your event, you can be sure that the passersby who notice it are easily able to take action. This action could be in the form of walking into your office for more details, or actually arriving to your event on the right date and time.

Design is everything. A PVC banner is a competent, actual way of linking with people and getting them to listen to what you have to say. It’s really that simple.

PVC Banners Are Extremely Cost Effective

So as a final point, let us forget all the business benefits of a PVC banner and concentrate on the most important thing of all – your finances!

No business or individual wants to spend over their budget on advertising. A PVC banner offers exceptional benefits at an exceptional price. Small businesses, one-off event promoters, and charities continue to use banners every single day.